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1. We are Chiropractors (not just bed salesman) with expertise in adjustable beds melbourne australia. During yoiur free 15 minute sleep test let us help you determine your best sleep posture and mattress firmness.


Our Chiropractors at Adjustable Bed Melbourne Australia, have over 15 years of combined clinical experience and we have spent over 1000 hours researching the top bed manufacturers and retailers from across Australia and Europe.  



2. Have peace of mind - our "Adjustable Beds Melbourne Australia" are guaranteed for 10 years.  


All our Adjustable Bed Melbourne Australia are of a high grade orthopedic mattress range that are treated for dust mites (for allergy and asthma sufferers).  



3. Get wholesale mattress prices and save up to 40% off retail stores from Adjustable Beds Melbourne Australia. Why pay more?


Starting at $699 for a chiropractic queen size orthopedic mattress or for $1050 for an ensemble system at Adjustable Bed Melbourne Australia.

Adjustable Bed Melbourne

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